Chancellor's Vision for UC Santa Cruz

George BlumenthalCAMPUS MISSION

UC Santa Cruz is a leading research university with a tradition of innovation in the education of students—built on values of social and environmental responsibility.


UCSC will be internationally recognized for our scholars and students who work in and across disciplines to create knowledge and transform paradigms.

"We will do important things together as we build upon UCSC’s legacy of achievement and excellence. We will do important things together as we continue, even accelerate, our upward trajectory. We will do important things together as UCSC strives to serve California as a top-ranked research university and the leading institution for the education of students. A place that fosters a culture of excellence, inquiry, creativity, diversity, and public service while developing solutions to the world’s most critical challenges. We will do all of that, together."

--George Blumenthal, speaking to campus, September 24, 2007