Contributions to diversity statement prompt

The University of California is committed to serving a student body and hiring faculty and staff who reflect the diversity of the State of California; responding to the needs of a diverse society; and to maintaining principles of equity and inclusion. The University also recognizes that to attract excellent employees who will contribute to the University’s diversity mission, written statements articulating their commitment to diversity are vital.

Contributions to diversity statements typically do one or more of the following:

  1. give examples of a candidate’s past contributions to diversity initiatives and programs
  2. demonstrate an understanding of particular diversity, equity and inclusion-related opportunities, as well as issues and needs, in a candidate’s field, or in higher education more generally, and/or
  3. discuss the candidate’s vision for how they might make contributions to inclusive excellence by supporting diversity initiatives and programs at UC Santa Cruz in the future.

Please respond to the points above in a written contributions to diversity statement. Applications not containing a contributions to diversity statement will be considered incomplete and will not advance in the review process.