Campus Advisory Committee on the Status of Womxn

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Current charter

Establishment and Purpose:

The principal purpose of CACSW is to examine issues regarding the status of womxn staff, students, and faculty at UC Santa Cruz; to analyze existing policies, procedures, and/or programs that affect those issues; to identify model programs or activities and support system wide implementation; to recommend to the Chancellor and CP/EVC changes that will continue to afford womxn equal and fair access to campus programs, activities, and opportunities; and to provide a Chancellor-appointed representative to serve as a member of the Systemwide Advisory Committee on the Status of Womxn (SACSW).


  1. UC Santa Cruz CACSW Membership
    1. The CACSW shall be appointed by the Chancellor and consist of
      1. Faculty Representative – Co-Chair
      2. Staff Representative – Co-Chair
      3. Secretary/Treasurer
      4. Staff Assembly Liaison (aka Staff Advisory Board)
      5. Two Faculty Representatives
      6. Graduate Student (identified by the campus’s Graduate Student Association)
      7. Post-Doctoral Scholar
      8. Undergraduate Student (identified by the campus’s Student Union Assembly)
      9. Representative, Campus Advocacy Resources and Education (CARE) Program
      10. Representative, Office for Diversity Equity and Inclusion (ODEI) 
      11. Representative, Equity and Equal Protection (EEP) Office 
      12. Representative, Academic Personnel Office (APO)
      13. Representative, Staff Human Resources (SHR)
      14. Other members (e.g., ex officio) as deemed necessary by the membership