We need a Staff Advisor to the Regents from UC Santa Cruz

It's always a pleasure to host the staff advisors to the UC Regents on campus. Staff Advisor Donna Coyne and Staff Advisor Designate Deidre Acker were on campus Monday. They met with our Staff Advisory Board and the UCSC Academic Business Officers Group, attended the SAB lunch forum with staff, and had dinner with me.

Salary, workload, and succession planning were hot topics at the forum, and Donna and De listened closely. I'm proud to have helped get these staff advisor positions established. Now my goal is to have a UC Santa Cruz staff member serve in this key role! It's a big job that involves traveling to every campus, attending Regents meetings, and going to meetings at the Office of the President. And it comes on top of an existing job, of course.

But staff advisors can make a difference, and having a UCSC representative would raise our campus's visibility before the Regents. I'm reminded that we've yet to have a student Regent, and only two Santa Cruz faculty members have served as representatives to the Regents (Michael Cowan and yours truly).

Please help me advertise this opportunity among our talented and hard-working staff. The application period opens in January. Really, it's time!

Comments or questions? Write to chancellor@ucsc.edu and put "Advisors" in the subject line