UC's next president

As I said in my campus message, I am deeply grateful to UC President Mark Yudof for his service and leadership.

If I were sitting on the selection committee for the new president, I'd look for leadership skills that will help us navigate familiar challenges of budget and tuition, and emerging trends, such as online education. The next president needs to be able to work with our Board of Regents, the governor (who is demonstrating a new level of interest and engagement in public higher education), and political leaders. And of course, he or she must be able to relate well to UC faculty, students, and staff.

But those are really just the basics. My most profound hope is that the new president is able to galvanize public support for the university. I remain heartened by the passage of Proposition 30, which signaled to me that our message about the value of the university still resonates with the public. This is an opportunity to build on that support in visible and energizing ways. I also hope our new president appreciates the diversity among the campuses that make up the UC system. Our strength as a system is rooted in part in that variety, and it mustn't be overlooked. Finally, our national conversation about the future of public higher education needs strong leaders. I hope our new president will emerge as a strong voice in that discussion, bringing new perspectives to the table and advocating for the best ideas.

I look forward to working with my fellow chancellors to ensure a smooth transition that will build on Mark's legacy and ensure the upward trajectory of the entire UC system.

Comments or questions? Write to chancellor@ucsc.edu and put “next president" in the subject line.